How Business Should Be Using Technology To Reach Consumers

In this technologically advanced era, even the latest business brand executives are spinning their power to attract the clients by a number of novel and innovative means or say, they have acquired a number of fresh and urbane ways to influence their patrons.

Moreover, they have become more competitive and enthusiastic spirited, so that they never give a chance to lose their customers to other competitors. For achieving this, they are greatly willing to grow more in terms of social linking, offering more product value services on the site likeĀ TrulyCoin and so on.

Here are some of the top digital or technological tips employed by these leading brands to gain their customers into their respective ad-canvasses.

  • The Smart bottle application launched by a famous washing detergent brand was currently a hit among the people all over the world. It has the smart features to sense light, temperature, humidity and all such environmental conditions to better predict the time of washing the clothes in accordance to the varying weather circumstances.

Moreover, it can be connected to a smartphone thereby indicating the finishing time of each washing and drying cycles along with the provision to set the reminder for starting the machine.

  • Another incredible feature is the face scanning technology done at the respective purchasing stations. After doing the scanning, it recognizes the personal characteristics to show the tailored adverts once you reach the cash counter after purchase.

  • Experience the new Virtual Reality characteristics in shopping. Several online shopping sites have rendered this new technology phase to comfort its customers.

  • Considering the cool and interactive aspect of the beer club, the ignite notion was really fantastic. The beer bottles had the LEDs and activity sensors that automatically lit up during the night out parties. Additionally, the light source was synced with music so as to cheer up the party guys.