Entrepreneur Families: 5 Ways to Include Your Kids While Building Your Business!

Your kids can be your biggest supporters and pillars of strength during the initial days of your business when you are still finding solid ground. But their involvement does not happen like magic; you need to work hard on getting them involved.

Here are five ways your kids can make a difference to tour budding business.

  1. Create a workspace for them: Though little in size, children are very individualistic with clear ideas and plans. They need their space to execute their thoughts. To get your kids involved, assign a particular area in your office or shop with all necessary stationery; they will love it.
  2. Assign clear duties to them: Be it assembling all the deliveries according to a list or labeling all the products, involve your kids. To be able to do something of significance brings out the best from children. Making them responsible for certain aspects of the business is the first step to take.
  3. Take your children’s suggestions in naming or marketing a product: You will be amazed at the insight they bring to the table with their clarity of thought and innocence. By accepting their contribution and suggestions you not only make them feel proud but will ensure that they do their best to improve your business in all possible ways.
  4. Take them for some client meetings: After briefing them on how to behave and what to pay attention to in a meeting, take them once in a way for client briefing. Children are astute listeners and keen observers; their inputs will prove to be very beneficial for the company.
  5. Involve in customer service: Kids can be the best ambassadors for your product as they interact with the clients personally and give their honest opinion and suggestions to your clients. It will build a rapport with your clients which will help in your business.

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