Employment Law and Holidays: Employees’ Rights to Holiday Requests

No matter in which company you are working and which part of the globe, as an employee, you have certain rights when it comes to applying for and availing holidays. Despite the nature of work you do- from being a CEO to a dishwasher, if you won’t leave for a justified reason, the employer is bound to spare you for the required time so that you can sort out the concern as soon as possible. Any company denying giving the holidays that you as a worker deserve is actually derogatory and you have all the rights to take actions against it.

Holiday entitlement

We all are given different types of holidays at our workplace. The main ones amongst them include annual leave, casual leave, and medical leave. You all have equal holidays distributed amongst you all unless anyone of you is working for part-time. The holidays given to part-time workers is definitely less than that given to full-time employees. Where full-time employees might get annual leave for 28 days, a part-time worker might get it for fewer days.

In addition to this, there are non-paid leaves as well. You generally avail this kind of leave when your other leaves are over and you still need a few days off work to attend to your personal commitments.

Just when you join a new organization, it becomes your primary right to be aware of the number of holidays you are entitled to in a year and what is the procedure to apply for them individually. Remember that if you have a justified reason to apply to the leave, it will be almost unavoidable for the company to grant you leave. In case you need to go on a long leave, your company might ask you to recommend some reliever for your post till the time you are back.

In case you are denied of these rights as an employee, feel free to approach any lawyer in the union of solicitor Edinburgh and to share your grief with them to avail justice.