7 Essential Items to Keep in Your Work Vehicle

What do most people keep in their work cars? Protein bars? Check, sunglasses? Check, a spare tire? Check, these are what a lot of people keep in their work vehicles after I did an informal survey of vehicle owners, but do you know there are these 7 essential items that you should always keep with you in your work vehicle at all times? From medical items, to spare tires, to jumper cables, to a tire pressure gauge, these are all things that you should have in your vehicle at all times, no matter what.

  • A spare tire with a tire jack and tire iron

You need to have a spare tire in good condition with a tire jack and a tire iron, without these two gadgets you are practically useless in trying to replace a tire.

  • Jumper cables

Dead batteries can strike at any time, without these you are practically screwed In trying to get your car back in working order, familiarize yourself with your car and learn how to use a jumper cable if you need to do it one day, trust me, everyone at some point needs to use it.

  • A tire pressure gauge

This is needed in case you feel like your tire is about to go bad.

  • Security flim

Isn’t exactly an item, but it can help prevent your care from being jacked up and having things stolen. For our readers in Australia, we’ve even gotten a window tinting company that did my car here: https://www.armourglasstinting.com.au/

  • Medical supplies

Make sure to have bandages, alcohol and antibiotics in case of emergency.

  • Flashlight

Always have a flashlight around!

  • MRE’s

Meals ready to eat in case you get stuck on the road without any sort of ability to do anything but wait.…