What to Wear (and Not Wear) to the Courtroom

Most jurisdictions have clearly published guidelines regarding dress code.  If you are a lawyer, it is always better to check the dress code for courtrooms before planning the wardrobe.  Hence do not end up spending large amounts on inappropriate dresses and regret later.

For women:

For women, the preferable dress to the courtroom would be a blouse or shirt with a neat skirt or pant.  Always use neat professional dresses.  Use select pleasant colored dresses for attending the court.  Ensure neat makeup and hair dress which adds brightness to your face.  Always use superior quality accessories of top brands which creates an impressive look.  Do not be under the impression that designer luxury goods are beyond your reach.  Those are available at discounts with online sellers.  For example, to buy quality handbags visit luxtime.

Avoid skirts which are above knee level.  Avoid gaudy makeup and grand jewelry.  Avoid bold color dresses.

For Men:

For men, the preferable dress would be shirt, pant and perfectly matching tie and shoes.  The dress should be neatly ironed.  Choose to wear a luxury brand watch.  Ultra modernism like neon hair coloring or piercing of body parts is strictly not advisable.  Avoid jeans and T-shirts.

Both for men and women conservative dressing style is preferable.

Avoid shorts, hats, glamourous transparent dresses, torn, faded dresses and dresses with inappropriate wordings.

Ensure that the dress does not expose parts of body unnecessarily.

Always ensure good personal hygiene like a neat haircut, clean shaven etc.

Since the Jury, media and your clients value your skill based on the way you present yourself, what you wear makes a lot of difference.  A professional dress which fits good along with perfect accessories will make you feel more confident.  This will make you think and act better.