Smart Strategies to Improve Your Business’ Financial Position

Are you experiencing liquidity crunch very frequently?  Read on to know the smart strategies to improve your business’ financial position:

Follow up of billing:  Check whether too much of funds are lying with your debtors without proper follow-up.  Always remember that you cannot allow unreasonable periods of credit.  You can be flexible once in a while to the regular buyers.  Follow up regularly and get the collections done without delay.  This will ensure a steady inflow of funds.

Locate cheap sources to improve profit margin:  Locate cheap sources of buying goods.  There are innovative ways like Amazon Arbitrage to resell them at a high price.  That way you can improve your business’ financial position and profit margin.

Search untapped market:  There are numerous online tools available to know about untapped markets.  You can also get information about your competitors.  Check out what your products are missing so that you can set it right and improve your sales and financial position.

Cost reduction:  Compare products and prices.  Bargain and buy your resources.  Encourage your employees to reduce wastage and contribute ideas to reduce cost.

Sell idle assets:  Sell idle unwanted assets.  The proceeds can be re-invested in those ways which can bring more revenue.  That way you can recycle your capital without debts and improve the financial position of your business.  For example, if you are having unused machinery then you can either expand the capacity of your business and earn more income.  If there is no scope to expand business then you can sell the machinery and let out the extra space and earn rent.  Also, the sale proceeds of the machinery can be used in expanding your distribution network.

Use free resources like cloud computing:  Try to use free resources instead of buying software.

Identify strengths and weakness:  Identify strengths and weakness of your products.  Concentrate more on the profitable ones.  Try to eliminate reasons which eat up your profits.