7 Business Tools That Will Save You Time (and Money)

If you are running a small business or if you have recently launched your business you would perhaps understand the number of efforts it takes to manage it all. Entrepreneurs have to be multi-taskers. Technology now has an answer to most of the woes of the entrepreneurs of today. Here are 7 business tools that would help any entrepreneur or even a busy professional save his time and money as well-

  1. Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro is one of the best mobile scanner apps on the market. You would find a lot of similar ones as well. These allow you to quickly scan, save and print any document on the go.

  1. SuiteCRM

This is a multi-device CRM tool that easily helps you manage the customer information.

  1. Calendly

Finding the convenient dates for setting up meetings can be made so much simpler with Calendly.

  1. ZenPayroll

Payroll management takes a lot of time and efforts. But you can easily streamline the process with the help of ZenPayroll.

  1. Sortly

One other time-consuming process in most businesses is the inventory management. Sorlty is one tool that revolutionizes this process.

  1. Boomerang

Every business owner has tonnes of emails to check and reply to. Boomerang takes care of email management and saves you plenty of time.

  1. com

This is an innovative tool that allows you to carry all the essential tools on a portable device. It gives the true sense of portability for the business owners who are always on the go.

Besides all the above apps, find the best ones to handle your social media activity as well. There are many that help consolidates the notifications. And for enhancing your social media presence there are apps that allow you to comprar seguidores Instagram 2018.